When they asked which city he would love to live in, Fellini replied “Cinecittà”

The “Film and audiovisual regulation” Law 220 of 14 November 2016 made the tax credit a more functional tool for domestic and international productions, who may now access significant fiscal benefits when shooting in Italy.

  • 40% tax credit of the eligible cost of the production, for a maximum of 20 million euro per year, allocated through an Italian executive producer.
  • Annual tax credit based on production expenses incurred in Italy, up to 75% of the total production cost.
  • Immediate tax credit, available as a monthly tax deduction, paid in Italy through a local executive producer.
  • The tax credit is granted ten days after the following conditions have been met:
    • The work has obtained cultural eligibility.
    • The credit has been recognised.
    • The expenses have been verified.



Tax Credits for attracting investments in film and audiovisual products to Italy

Table A, Law dated 15 March 2018 – Criteria for cultural eligibility

  • Tax credits from 15% to 30% of the expenses incurred, up to a maximum of 8 million euro.
  • Grants disbursed rapidly: within 60 days of receiving the request(s), the Cinema Directorate will reply to applicants with confirmed recognition of the tax credit.



Tax credits for Italian production companies

Table A, Law dated 15 March 2018 – Criteria for cultural eligibility
Incentives in the cinema sector