When they asked which city he would love to live in, Fellini replied “Cinecittà”
Filming in Italy

Italy is an ideal country for production companies, whether they work on films, TV series or commercials. Its geographical characteristics and its history make it possible to find countless locations, both historical and natural , form any era and place.


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Locations in and around Rome

The city of Rome is an enormous open-air set, an urban jewel whose wide range of architecture – from the ruins of Ancient Rome to the contemporary settings of the MAXXI, the National Museum of 21st Century Arts, or the Nuvola Convention Centre – not only offers the perfect frame for telling any story, but also ensures that touch of magic which distinguishes all the movies ever made in the Eternal City.


The region of Lazio is filled with unique landscapes and areas – from seashore to lakes, the Pontine Islands to the city – that have provided settings for unforgettable films such as Fellini’s La dolce vita di Fellini, Risi’s Il sorpasso, Pasolini’s Accattone.



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