Bollywood - Italian Style "Elaignan" Shooting at Cinecittà

From Ben Hur to Gangs of New York, Cinecittá Studios’ fine craftsmen, masterful sets, and talented crews have cultivated a long history of international production. Currently, acclaimed Mumbai director, Suresh Krishnan, is transforming Rome’s 73-year-old studio into the Bay of Bengal circa 1939 for his latest feature Elaignan. Elaignan tells the dramatic tale of Kathir, the son of an indentured servant to a wealthy industrialist. In spite of having loftier goals, when his father dies, Kathir is forced to take his place as a laborer on the construction of the industrialist’s enormous yacht. With the promise of freedom upon the boat’s completion, he and the other workers drive themselves with long days and backbreaking labor. Once the work is finished however, the industrialist refuses to release them from servitude and Kathir, furious with the betrayal, resolves to galvanize his fellow workers and overthrow their oppressor. In addition to Cinecittá Studios, Krishnan will utilize other Roman landmarks, including the Colosseum and the Roman Forum as film locations.