CLA Studios Morocco

A Destination of the International Motion Picture Industry

Morocco and more particularly the Ouarzazate area offer:
· Outstanding natural sets for film shooting
· An exemplary assistance of the Moroccan Government
· A proven experience thanks skilled technicians and workers
· Very competitive production costs

Prestigious successful movies have been shot in Morocco: Lawrence of Arabia, Tea in Sahara, Black Hawk Down, Kundum, Gladiator, Cleopatra, The Mummy 1 and 2, Alexander the Great, Kingdom of Heaven, Sahara, Troy, Hidalgo, Babel.

The Directors of these movies are worldwide renown: David Lean, Bernardo Bertolucci, Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott and Oliver Stone, which demonstrates the strong attractiveness of Morocco as a movie making destination.

All these incentives have led to the creation in 2004 of CLA Studios, a joint venture between Dino de Laurentiis, Cinecittà and Sanam Holding.


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