When they asked which city he would love to live in, Fellini replied “Cinecittà”
Backlot - Permanent sets

At Cinecittà, the sets make history.


A backlot of ten hectares, surrounded by the parkland of Cinecittà, with several imposing and legendary sets that have gained a permanent place in the heart of the Cinecittà Studios lot, ready to live again with every new screenplay. These sets offer viewers of every generation a glimpse into life in another era with designs of great visual impact, where even the smallest details are perfect. The sets of Ancient Rome and the Temple of Jerusalem lend themselves to a variety of ancient settings, while Florence in the 1400s can be transformed into a medieval city centre. St. Peter’s façade is instead a great solution for Vatican-related settings.


Furthermore, these sets also offer the ideal setting for special events.