Italian Tax Benefits

Production Incentives up 52% in Rome

With the REGIONAL TAX INCENTIVES for productions shooting in LAZIO (the Italian region including the councils of Roma, Latina, Viterbo, Rieti, Frosinone) and  post producing audiovisual content is becoming extremely convenient and competitive.

Today two cumulating systems are in place to lure feature films productions to Italy and in general audiovisual content production in Lazio.



Incentive: 25% of below the line expenses;

Eligibility: International Feature Films shoots shoots in Italy via a local Line/Executive Producer;

Eligibility test: A minimum score of 50 out of a total of 100 cultural and production point requirements. 15% minimum of screenplay sets in Italy.

Maximum reimbursement: $11.3 Million USD/ €10 Million Euros per movie.  

Reimbursement methodologydirect deduction from all taxes and contributions to be paid in Italy, cashed during the shooting period effective 1 month after first expenditures in Italy and balance paid out after balance check at wrap of project in Italy.



Incentive: from 10% to 25% of below the line expenses;

Eligibilityall audiovisual products (feature, TV dramas, documentary) shooting in Lazio (Rome and other locations).

Eligibility testa minimum score of 50 on a total of 100 points of cultural and production requirements.

Maximum reimbursementup to 500k Euros for Feature Films, 750 Euros for non-feature productions.

Reimbursement methodologyapplication form.


The use of Studio facilities allows for supplementary points to be added to the project in both the Incentives.

Cinecittà Studios provides professionals directly to your production to provide EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION SERVICES, with tailored estimates of both costs and benefit deriving from the incentives available.

Cinecittà Studios is the leading production hub in Italy with more than 20 Sound Stages, Resident Locations , Set Constructions, Equipment Rentals ,  and Post Production (film and digital).


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