(February 9, 2011) – Cinecittá Studios, for more then 70 years the “go-to” location for filmmakers hoping to re-create a specific historical time and place, is becoming as well­known for inspiring films as it is for helping to create them.


Cinecittà Studios is a commercial success

(December XX, 2010) – Cinecittá Studios is famous for facilitating larger-than-life epic films like Ben Hur, Cleopatra and Gangs of New York. Filmmakers working on a much smaller scale, however, also turn to Cinecittá for assistance in creating clever, attention-grabbing television commercials. Lavazza Coffee has filmed several of their commercials at Cinecittá, including the latest which finds a painter attempting to capture superstar Julia Roberts on canvas. He is unable to summon the expression he is looking for until he serves her a cup of Lavazza’s excellent coffee.


Italian cuisine is centerstage at Cinecittà Studios

(December 3, 2010) – Cinecittá Studios is legendary for attracting the best and brightest filmmakers and actors with their expansive backlots, stunning sets, top of the line production facilities and expert studio management and technical support. An added bonus for the actors and crews shooting at Cinecittá has always been the delightful food and beverage service, including both a cafeteriastyle commissary and a café/coffee bar, where the food is delicious, the portions are generous and the atmosphere is casual and cordial. Cinecittá is able to arrange special catering for select guests...


Oscar Nominated Director Mario Monicelli Dies

(November 30, 2010) – Italian cinema has lost another of its legends with the death of acclaimed writer/director Mario Monicelli on November 29.  Along with fellow directors such as Federico Fellini, Monicelli challenged traditional filmmaking in an award-winning career which spanned more than 60 years.  Many of his best-known films were shot at Cinecittà Studios which joins the world in celebrating his illustrious career.



(November 11, 2010) – Cinecittá Studios joins the international film community in mourning the death of legendary film producer Dino De Laurentiis. During his illustrious career which spanned almost 70 years and more than 500 films, De Laurentiis often worked at Cinecittá, which he called “one of the best studios in the world,” on films such as Nights of Cabiria, directed by another frequent Cinecittá collaborator Federico Fellini, which won the 1957 Best Foreign Film Academy Award. De Laurentiis and Fellini won another Best Foreign Film Oscar for La Strada in 1956.