Cinecittà Studios is a commercial success

(December XX, 2010) – Cinecittá Studios is famous for facilitating larger-than-life epic films like Ben Hur, Cleopatra and Gangs of New York. Filmmakers working on a much smaller scale, however, also turn to Cinecittá for assistance in creating clever, attention-grabbing television commercials. Lavazza Coffee has filmed several of their commercials at Cinecittá, including the latest which finds a painter attempting to capture superstar Julia Roberts on canvas. He is unable to summon the expression he is looking for until he serves her a cup of Lavazza’s excellent coffee. Her delight is evident as she immediately flashes her legendary smile so that he can complete the portrait. Italy’s Post Office has also shot a series of commercials at the studio which highlight various new postal services. The spots feature actors in elaborate costumes (including one 3-D actress who carries her own special glasses so the clerk can see her properly) arriving at the Cinecittá branch to inquire about new mailing options. A Christmas-themed commercial for Vodafone stars soccer great Francesco Totti, filling in as one of Santa Claus’s elves and extolling the virtues of their new high-tech smartphone to department store customers lined up to sit on Santa’s lap. The Sky Channel promoted its new show starring Fiorello with a spot which shows the comedian giving a tour of Cinecittá Studios to an oversized possum. As they travel around the lot, they find themselves in a variety of dangerous situations involving Wild West cowboys, Prohibition-era cops and gangsters, and medieval knights. Universal Studios used Cinecittá’s working submarine to showcase the realistic sights and sounds which can be experienced at Universal’s popular studio tour. Other companies which have taken advantage of Cinecittá’s ability to create sets and atmosphere for any situation include Brio Water, Citroen Cars, Ponti Balsamic Vinegar and Gucci, which shot a commercial for their “Guilty” perfume at the studio.
Cinecittá is truly the perfect studio for all film projects, no matter how large or small