Cinema Paradiso

Vogue could think of no better way to celebrate Valentino's 45th anniversary than with a retrospective of the designer's couture gems at the legendary Cinecittà Studios in Rome, his native city. As the grand master of glamour plundered his archives, fashion fantasy and film magic collided on the set of Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" and Mankiewicz's "Cleopatra ". Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier..

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Look who's lording it in Pompeii

Doctor Who could find himself facing another gladiatorial task when he takes a trip back in time to the Roman Empire in the latest series. The Time Lord, played by David Tennant, and his new companion Donna, comedian Catherine Tate, arrive in Pompeii in AD 79, on the eve of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. They are faced with the tough decision of rescuing the city's residents or leaving them to fend for themselves. The Thick of It star Peter Capaldi guest stars as banker Caecilius. The episode was filmed inside Rome's Cinecittà Studios, transformed to look like Pompeii.


Today' s Cinecittà the future of cinema

Today' s Cinecittà the future of cinema ...

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Relics saved as fire races through legendary studios

The fire, possibly triggered by an electrical short circuit, started in a warehouse before burning through 3,000 square metres of the complex. It was kept away from statues and sets dating back to the glory days of Italian cinema when director Federico Fellini was a mainstay on the lot and Hollywood epics such as Ben-Hur, Roman Holiday and Cleopatra were made there.

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"Rome" burns in Cinecittà blaze- Studio plays down reports of damage

An electrical short circuit is being blamed for a fire at Rome’s Cinecitta Studios backlot that claimed part of the set of HBO’s “Rome” but caused little other damage, leaving the sprawling facility’s soundstages, film archives and other sets intact.