Cinecittà, Leone Film Group pact to attract foreign capital


Companies look to build on growing number of US and international shoots in Italy.

Cinecittà Studios and The Hateful Eight co-distributor Leone Film Group are teaming up with the ambition to attract international productions to the country.


To celebrate the well-established relationship between movies and fashion, Cinecittà presents the elegance and charm of Maison Chanel.

The collection “Métiers d’art Paris-Rome” will be shown in the City of Cinema, starting December 1, 2015. Expect a rich atmosphere and surprises along with “Once and Forever” – a short film about the life of Coco Chanel by the brand’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld. Mademoiselle Coco will be incarnated by Kristen Stewart,  and by Géraldine Chaplin who will represent the brand's founder over the course of her later years.

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Cinecittà touts Italian tax credits to Hollywood: A small delegation from Cinecittà Studios toured Los Angeles

CEO Giuseppe Basso and Cristina Giubbetti, sales manager international productions, were touting key changes that among other things allow Cinecittà Studios to act as an Italian production service company. The change means the 78-year-old Rome institution has shifted its position to not only provide a range of studio amenities and advisory services but can now pay and process local expenses and guarantee rapid reimbursement. Revisions to the national 25% tax credit also set up a Euro 10m cap per production company – no longer per project.