Our Services

This world-class facility is equipped with the latest telecine machines, scanners, film recorders, editing systems and computer graphics workstations, and is staffed by a team of highly experienced colorists, digital artists, editors and other specialists.

The combined technology and expertise of Cinecittà Digital and the studio's traditional lab mean we can offer a wide range of services, from the digital acquisition of images from film, to the creation of visual effects, to the outputting of digital data back onto film:

  • High Definition dailies;
  • Digital Intermediate (full process 2K, 4K);
  • Digital Visual Effects Digitali: Wire removal, rotoscoping, glass painting, ecc.
  • Electric Titling;
  • Standard Definition and High Definition Mastering;
  • DCP/DCDM  mastering , versioning , duplication; DCI Compliant:;
  • Stereiscopic Post Production (3D)
  • Digital Restoration: the digital department contains a Film Conservation and Restoration department dedicated to the restoration of damaged video material of great artistic and historical value.

Cinecittà Digital also offers a consultancy service. We'll be happy to analyse your projects and devise the best mix of digital and traditional technologies and processes. The end result will be appropriate creative solutions, lower costs and reduced time-frames for your post-production.

We work in partnership with several private companies that are integrated with Cinecittà Digital and round out the services and facilities available to your project.


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