Digital Post Production

Spread over 4,200 square feet, our Digital Department is the facility entirely dedicated to the digital dimension and perfectly integrated with the other Post Production services.

Our Digital Facility merges togheter skills and pioneering technologies in order to cater the latest market and technical challenges, providing the highest digital Post Production service, as Digital Intermediate, now available for all movie projects, on budget and at very competitive prices. The facility, with 25 operational suites, represents a pioonering and innovative route to post production and production needs, from the satellite transmission of feature film to the digital intermediate process recently became supplier of DCI compliant systems, DCP Mastering, versioning and bulk duplication and today also supplier of Stereoscopic Post Production (3D) services.

In the years we have granted our feature films, tv and advertising clients the most innovative and practical post production solutions (from digital to film and vice-versa).

What makes Cinecittà Digital unique in the production world?

1. We can make Digital Intermediate processing available to all movie projects at all budget levels - even productions that are not effects - driven - and at very competitive costs;

2. We are directly linked to Cinecittà's processing and printing lab, which means that we can bring the combined benefits of digital and traditional techniques to your project.


Shot in Cinecittà