Cinecittà Sound Art. We change sound into vibrations for the mind

Cinecittà Sound Art is all about sound post-production services for theatrical, commercials, television and home-entertainment. 

We offer the full range of artistic and technical services part of the dubbing process, covering everything from the translation and adaptation of dialogues, casting and direction, recording, sound editing and the subsequent sound mix. 

With 50 accredited professionals and technicians on our staff, the experience and know-how of the two partnership companies, Cinecittà Digital Factory and PCM Audio, Cinecittà Sound Art guarantees the highest professional, artistic and technical competences and quality to successfully carry out any project.

Cinecittà Sound Art provides full Sound and Video Post-Production services for theatrical, digital and 3D, television and home-entertainment productions.

62 technical rooms and more than 50 professionals! Even the numbers sound good at Cinecittà Sound Art!