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Since 1937 Cinecittà Studios, whose fame was echoed throughout the world, has been the center of the national film production. Cinecittà Studios Event Department incorporated the Event Area of Cinecittà World and Civita, giving life to Cinecittà Events, a new division of Cinecittà District Entertainment (CDE). The division includes exclusive locations and offers a number of initiatives which can take place either in Rome or in the rest of Italy, and are divided into three sections: MOVIE: For events immersed in the legendary cinematic atmosphere of Cinecittà Studios; ART: For events organized in the most exclusive Italian cultural venues and museums; FUN: For events unfolding at Cinecittà World Park.

Cinecitta’s prestigious and fascinating locations may be made available for corporate events. Cost-effectiveness at these venues is achieved through bookings secured well in advance. They include two sound stages (Teatro 10 and Teatro 1), Palazzina Fellini with its sophisticated screening rooms and catering halls, the permanent set of Ancient Rome, and the stylish new Cinecittà Café. The Studio hosts other spaces dedicated to the cinema which – if available – can also can host events. They include 20 sound stages, striking permanent settings and a huge pool used for scenic purposes. Cinecittà premises are suitable for conventions, gala dinners, corporate meetings and special events.

Cinecittà Events is able to offer a wide range of appealing and creative forms of entertainment, varying in scope and budget.

Cinecittà Studios offer an opportunity for creating turnkey events: starting from the client’s idea, we can offer spaces, setups, technologies, catering, additional services (hostesses, security service, furniture rentals, and more) and help adapt and adjust the event to the needs of the company. Each event takes place in an evocative setting and – upon request – can feature special cinematic effects. Large indoor parking spaces are disponibile anche for the parking of cars and buses.

Chanel, Enel, Chopard, Deloitte, Ferrari, Bulgari, McDonald's, Fendi, Volkswagen, Fiat, Ungaro, Gsk Valeo, Sky are just some of the brands that choose Cinecittà for their Corporate Events in the last four years.

Located south of Rome, with a dedicated Metro Stop, 15 minutes from Ciampino International Airport and 30 minutes form Fiumicino International Airport, The Studios at Cinecittà are the most charming and one-stop-shop event location.

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Good Year Event
Indesit Event
Toshiba Event
Set Roma Antica Cinecittà Studios
Teatro 5 Cinecittà Studios
Teatro 5 Cinecittà Studios
Cinecittà Studios
Set Gangs of New York Cinecittà Studios
Set Roma Antica Cinecittà Studios
Teatro 10 cinecitta
Cinecittà si Mostra
Cinecittà si Mostra

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